Spring Cup 2020



1Team Junost JuniorRUS207.2611
2Teams Elite JuniorUSA184.7322
3Team Lexettes JuniorUSA175.2033
4Team Fireblades JuniorFIN164.7854
5Team Stella Polaris JuniorFIN157.9245
6Team Seaside JuniorSWE147.5666
7Team Hot Shivers JuniorITA131.1377
8Team Spirit JuniorSWE125.0388
9Team Zazou JuniorFRA118.3399
10Team Ice Fire JuniorPOL103.681011
11Team Starlight JuniorSUI96.421210
12Team Shining Blades JuniorITA94.561112
13Team Berlin JuniorGER91.721313
14Team Kometa JuniorCZE83.241414
15Team Zagreb Snowflakes JuniorCRO59.971515

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