Sincronizzato - Camp. Ita. Senior/Junior e 4a Naz

Mixed age


1Flying Angels (mixed Age)Sporting Club Panda SSD arlITA
2Ladybirds (mixed Age)AgorÓ Skating Team S.S.D.R.L.ITA
3Crazy Splinters (mixed Age)SSD Sport Ghiaccio MezzalunaITA
4Snowflakes (mixed Age)Patt. Artistici Torino P.a.t. A.s.d.ITA
5Dragonflies (mixed Age)A.s.d. Aosta Skating Club 2000ITA
6Olimpia Team (mixed Age)A.s.d. Olimpia Club ComoITA
7Shining Blades (mixed Age)S.S.D. S.r.l. IcelabITA
8Frost Fairies (mixed Age) Icesport Varese SSD a R.L.ITA
9Shiny Ice (mixed Age)A.s.d. Pusterice ClubITA

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